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제목 최근(2002~2007) 6년간 부산울산경남지역에 발생한 한센병 신환자 13예에 대한 연구
저자 권경술 소속 부산대학교 의학전문대학원 피부과학교실
년도 2008 41
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요약 Introduction : Along with the remarkable decrease in incidence of Hansen's disease, many physicians have little experience and are unfamiliar with the disease entity. Consequently physicians may make an error in or delay the correct diagnosis more frequently in these days. We feel that the physicians should constantly be interested in Hansen's disease, and be aware of the updated aspects as compared with the past.
Material and methods : We have analysed 13 new patients of Hansen's disease in Busan, Ulsan, and Kyungnam district during last 6 years (2002-2007). The clinical features of 13 new patients were compared with 370 cases reported 30 years ago, in our clinic.
Results : Among 13 patients, male was 4 and female was 9. Mean age was 63 years, and the mean duration until diagnosis was 15.6 months. Two patients had familial history of Hansen's disease.

In the classification, lepromatous leprosy was 6, borderline lepromatous leproys was 4, mid-borderline leprosy was 1, borderline tuberculoid leprosy was 1, and tuberculoid leprosy was 1. Eight patients of 13 have experienced lepra reaction. Level of BI and PGL-I antibody corresponded with type of the disease. Among 13 patients, 9 patients (69.2%) were resident in Busan.
Conclusion : There was an increase in female population, and mutibacillary forms of Hansen's disease were more common as compared with the past. Since majority of patients were resident in Busan and the duration until diagnosis was too long, the dermatologist, especially in Busan should be interested in and carry on clinical studies of Hansen's disease constantly.

Key Word : Hansen's disease