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제목 한센병에 의한 장애와 보조기와의 관계에 대한 고찰
저자 이래환 소속 한국한센복지협회 연구원
년도 2008 41
2 번호 5
시작페이지 37 끝페이지 54
첨부 5이래환.pdf
요약 Background: Hansen's disease is chronic disease, often resulting in musculoskeletal complication such as chronic ulcer, deformity, disability. The aim of this article is to know the present status of prescription of orthosis and to assess the usefulness of orthosis.
Methods: Analysis was done on subjects who had were prescribed orthosis from December, 2007 to November, 2008 at the Clinic of Reserch Center. We have asked the patients questionnaire such as frequency of use of the prescribed orhtosis, the degree of pain reduction and comfortability with orthosis,the cause of disuse of orthosis ,the degree of preventing relapse of ulcer with orthosis, request about prescribed orthosis.
Results: The total number who were prescribed orthosis was 173. About 69.4% patients have used orthosis very frequently or nearly at all times. About 83.2% patients said that orthosis had done them good in pain reduction, preventing relapse of ulcer. The major reason of disuse of orthosis was inconvenience of management, not no-helfulness. The major request about orthosis were improvement of quality, imprvement of strength of orthosis, shortening of limitation term of prescription.
Conclusinon: The prescription of orthosis to Hansen patients with musculoskeletal sequale improve quality of life and is available in preventing relapse of ulcer.

Key Words : Hansen's disease, Musculoskeletal complication, Orthosis.