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제목 최근 5년간의 재발 한센병 환자에 대한 조사
저자 김종필 소속 한국한센복지협회 연구원
년도 2008 41
1 번호 2
시작페이지 27 끝페이지 36
첨부 2.김종필.pdf
요약 Relapse may occur the poor killing of M.leprae due to inadequate treatment in early onset relapse, and persisting M.leprae and drug resistance mutants in late onset relapse. The relapse of leprosy after the release from treatment(RFT) has profound implications for the public Hansen program including case management, compliance, disease transmission and control. For the understanding of recent characteristics of the leprosy relapse in Korea, we are summarized and reported the epidemiological factors.
23 relapse cases were reported in Korea from 2003 to 2007. Among 23 cases, 18 cases were the lepromatous type, and 3 cases were the tuberculoid type. The mean duration of past treatment was 16.4 years, and the mean interval to relapse was 28.5 years.

Key Words : Leprosy, Relapse.