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제목 마비성 하안검 외반증에 대한 lateral tarsal strip의 재조명
저자 안성열, 박향준 소속 안성열 성형외과의원, 관동의대 제일병원 피부과
년도 2008 41
1 번호 4
시작페이지 47 끝페이지 54
첨부 4.안성열,박향준.pdf
요약 The imbalance between paralyzed orbicularis oculi and normally functioning its antagonists such as the levator of the upper lid and the capsulopalpebral fascia of the lower lid in patients with leprosy causes ectropion, eyelid retraction and lagophthalmos. There are a lot of surgical methods to manage the ectropion and retraction of the lower lid including lateral canthoplasty, lateral canthopexy, spacer graft, canthal sling, medial tarsorraphy as well as temporal fascia transfer.
In this study, we applied the lateral tarsal strip combined with Kuhnt- Szymanowski procedure to thirty-two patients with paralytic ectropion and this method was proven to be very effective in correcting the abnormal conditions.

Key words : Ectropion, Lateral tarsal strip, Kuhnt-Szymanowski procedure.