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제목 마비성 하구순 외반증 치료를 위한 간편한 교근 전이술 수술법
저자 안성열, 김종필, 박향준 소속 안성열성형외과 피부과의원
년도 2020 53
1 번호 2
시작페이지 15 끝페이지 21
첨부 마비성 하구순 외반증 치료를 위한교근 전이술.pdf
요약 Masseter muscle sling is effective method in correction of recurrent lower lip drooping in patient
with leprosy who treated previously with temporal muscle transfer attached with tensor fascia
lata or temporal muscle transfer attached with Alloderm.
In addition, masseter muscle sling may be considered as the first-line treatment in the lower lip

▪ key words: Facial nerve paralysis, Lower lip drooping, Masseter muscle sling