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제목 한센병 환자의 안검 및 그 주위 조직에 대한 미용 외과적 치료
저자 안성열1, 박향준1, 김종필2 소속 안성열 성형외과의원1, 한국한센복지협회 연구원2
년도 2017 50
1 번호 1
시작페이지 3 끝페이지 13
첨부 안검외과적.pdf
요약 Aesthetic Surgical Treatment of the Peri-orbital area in Hansen's Patients

Sung-Yul Ahn1, Hyang-Joon Park1, Jong Pill-Kim2
Ahn's Plastic and Dermatologic Surgical Clinic 1 , Korea Hansen Welfare Institute Hospital 2

Background : Upper eyelid blepharoplasty has become one of the commonly practiced aesthetic
operation. This upper eyelid blepharoplasty primarily conducted in aged person, while also addressing aesthetic concerns, include methods to rejuvenate the peri-orbital area and provide unobstructed eyesight. Objective : Methods to affect rejuvenation of the peri-orbital area are variable and depend heavily on the patients. This makes evaluation of the patient a critically important component of the treatment process. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty requires treatment of the anterior and posterior lamella structures. Anterior lamella undergone a resection of the skin and orbicularis muscle to reduce the sagging appearance on the anterior surface of the upper eyelid. The retractor structures of the posterior lamella, especially the levator aponeurosis and the M㉨ller’s muscle, are advanced, tucked and plicated to the tarsus to add tension as needed to correct the blepharoptosis. This procedure, while also addressing aesthetic concerns, primarily adds tension to reduce or eliminate eyesight obstruction. Methods & Conclusion : These operation methods include : The plication procedures of posterior membranous septum and turn-over orbital septum to 2mm below the tarsus and traditional levartor complex tucking including levator aponeurosis and M㉨ller muscle added. In addition to blepharoplasty and blepharoptosis in aged persons the brow-ptosis may also experience. This drooping of the eyebrow also contribute to eyesight obstruction and should be corrected. In general, treatment consists of a subbrow resection when the brow-lash distance is 25mm or more. When the brow-lash distance is less that 25mm, a supra-brow excision is required to prevent an angry or harsh appearance. However, when using the supra-brow method the possibility of an unwanted visible scar is more likely, a short incision direct brow-lift could be another alternative. But short incision brow-lift procedure can only use under the normal forehead muscle function. ⊃ Key words : blepharoplasty, ptosis, levator complex, posterior membranous septum, ⊃ Key words : turn-over orbital septum.