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제목 신경병성 족부궤양을 앓고 있는 소록도 한센병 환자의 임상적 특성에 대한 연구
저자 박승규 소속 국립소록도병원
년도 2011 44
1 번호 2
시작페이지 27 끝페이지 34
첨부 신경병증.pdf
요약 Abstract
Clinical characteristics of Sorokdo's Hansen patients having neuropathic ulcer on the plantar region
Park SK, Lim JH
National Sorokdo Hospital
Background: Sorokdo hospital has reported several clinical papers regarding hansen's disease every year, but they lacked clinical characteristics for patients having neuropathic ulcers and still do not have any standardised parameter for the objective comparison of features of their ulcer lesions, even with lots of experience over long periods for the lesions.

Method: Out of 578 admitted patients as of Oct. 20th, 2011, 49 patients having plantar ulcers were subjected to the study. The medical records and wounds were reviewed and analyzed to define their clinical characteristics including prevalence period, type of hansen disease, combined diseases such as hypertension and diabetes mellitus, grade of disability, and the features of plantar ulcers.

Results: Study patients' age was 71±8.9 years old and 33(67.3%) patients were male. The diagnosis of hansen disease was made at the age of 21.1±9.1 years old. Lepromatous type was the most common with 36 patients (73.5%). According to the grade of disability, 33 patients67.3% patients belonged to grade III to IV. 21 patients(42.8%) had hypertension as combined disease, 10(20.4%) with diabetes mellitus, and 8(16.3%) with psychiatric disorder