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저자 김종필 소속 한국한센복지협회
년도 2011 44
1 번호 5
시작페이지 53 끝페이지 63
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요약 The Study of Anemia in Persons affected leprosy
Jong?Pill Kim, Yeon?Sil Kim, Rea?Hwan Lee
Institute for Leprosy Research, Korean Hansen Welfare Association
The anemia still remains the most common hematologic disorder in the the world despite improvements in general health and nutrition. Recently, the prevalence of anemia was reported 7.7% in 60?69 years and 16.0% in 70 years or older in male and was reported 11.9% in 60?69 years and 19.5% in 70 years or older in female.
This study was aimed at assessing the prevalence of anemia in the persons affected leprosy aged over 60 years. For evaluation of anemia, including prevalence, typing, and cause, hemoglobin, MCV(mean corpucular volume), RDW (red blood cell distribution width), ferritin, iron, TIBC, reticulocyte count, and etc were checked.
The prevalence of anemia was 42.8%(male 43.6%, female 42.2%), the proportion of the anemia classified by MCV was 11.8%(microcytic), 50.9%(normocytic), and 37.3%(macrocytic). Our results was higher than other past reports. So we will consider about the evaluation of higher prevalence of anemia in persons affected leprosy, and management plan for anemia in them by the in?depth studies.