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제목 소록도에 거주하는 한센인의 주관적 구강건강 인식도에 관한 연구
저자 오동찬, 이용탁, 이성림, 정진아, 송현철, 윤영아, 김길삼, 최정희, 고은경 소속 국립소록도병원, 광양보건대학
년도 2010 43
1 번호 2
시작페이지 15 끝페이지 26
첨부 2. 오동찬.pdf
요약 The purpose of this study was to examine subjective oral health perception of Hansen`s disease in Sorokdo. And the relationship of four categories (chewing ability, intraoral pain, intraoral othersysptom, and communication ability and social relationship) with clinical index was tried to clarify. The 460 subjects of Hansen`s disease in Sorokdo was selected for oral examination and survey. The results are as follows:

1. 73.1% of Hansen`s disease in Sorokdo recognized that their oral health is unwell.
2. 70% of total population recognized that they have limitation about chewing function, Especially, 35.9% of Hansen`s disease feels chewing difficulty for standard foodstuffs as rice cake.
3. In intraoral pain, painful tooth was 76.3%, sensitive tooth was 43.2%. and temporomandiblular joint pain was 15.2%.
4. In intraoral other symptoms, tooth mobility was 71.3%, food impaction was 78.9% gingiavl bleeding was 96.8%, xerostomia was 62.8%, and halitosis was 84.2%.
5. 21.5% of Hansen`s disease in Sorokdo has communication difficulty by teeth or denture problem, and 39.2% of them avoid relationship with other people.

Key Words : Elderly, Hansen`s disease, Subjective oral health.