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제목 안면신경마비로 인한 입술변형에 대한 외과적 치료
저자 안성열, 박향준, 김종필 소속 안성열 성형외과, 서울보훈병원 피부과, 한국한센복지협회 연구원
년도 2010 43
1 번호 3
시작페이지 27 끝페이지 34
첨부 3. 안성열.pdf
요약 Background: Damage of the facial nerve, especially buccal and marginal mandibular branches, causes facial palsy and paralytic deformity of the lips such as lower lip ectropion, lip drooping, deviation of the mouth, and inability of closing mouth, and the loss of the nasolabial folds.
Objective: To find out the best surgical method to correct paralytic deformity of the lips.
Methods: We reviewed retrospectively the various surgical treatment modalities of the paralytic deformity of the lips performed in the Institute for Leprosy Research for 13 years.
Results: One hundred and twenty five surgical procedures were performed in 80 patients with Hansen’s disease. Of these, the static method, dermal suspension flap, was done in 15 cases, the dynamic methods were done in 64 cases, and others were done in 46 cases. All patients showed postoperatively clinical improvement above the average. Two patients received reoperation or additional procedures due to relapse of the condition.
Conclusions: The dynamic method using tensor fascia lata was superior to other treatment modalities.

Key words: Facial palsy, Lip, Static, Dynamic.