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제목 한센병 신환자 및 재발환자 6예
저자 한국한센복지협회 소속 한국한센복지협회 연구원
년도 2010 43
1 번호 5
시작페이지 51 끝페이지 60
첨부 5. 김종필.pdf
요약 In 2010, we found 5 new cases and 1 relapse cases, diagnosis by the clinical finding, skin smear, skin biopsy, lepromin test, ELISA for PGL-I antibody, and DNA-PCR.

The results obtained were summarized as follows:
1. In 5 new cases, the mean age is 58.3 in 3 Koreans and 27.5 in 2 foreigners(2 Indonesian), the types of Hansen’s disease are 4 lepromatous(2 Koreans and 2 foreigners) and 1 tuberculoid(1 Korean), mean BI is 3.0+, mean O.D. of PGL-I antibody is 0.389, numbers of TTC repeat are 12(2 Koreans), 11(1 Korean), and unknown(2 foreigners), and of GACATC repeats are 4(3 Koreans) and 3(2 foreigners). All new cases have no mutation of folP1 & rpoB gene.
2. One relapse case is 75 years old Koreans, the type of Hansen’s disease is lepromatous, BI is 5.0+,and O.D. of PGL-I antibody is 0.615, and number of TTC repeat is 11, and of GACATC repeats are 4. And the mutation of folP1 gene is found(53 acc/agg).