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제목 한센병에서 관찰되는 eyelash ptosis
저자 박향준 소속 서울보훈병원
년도 2008 41
2 번호 2
시작페이지 11 끝페이지 16
첨부 2박향준.pdf
요약 Background: Eyelash ptosis(ELP) is a common finding in patients with long-standing leprosy. However, it has rarely been reported in the literature previously, because it has been diagnosed as trichiasis or entropion.
Objective: To determine the prevalence of ELP in Hansen’s disease.
Methods: We took both frontal and lateral photographs of eyes in 20 patients and evaluated the degree of ptosis using a 4-point rating scale, in which 0 indicates no ptosis; 1, minimal; 2, moderate; and 3, severe. The evaluation was also performed in 20 normal persons as control group.
Results: All patients demonstrated ELP. In general, severity of ptosis in patient group is greater than that in control group. While the mean eyelash ptosis rating was 2.0±0.6 in the latter, it was 0.6±0.4 in the former, which is statistically significant (p<0.01).
Conclusions: ELP is common in the patients with Hansen’s disease and moderate to severe forms occurred more commonly in disease group compared with control group. ELP must be considered as a characteristic ocular finding in long-standing leprosy.

Key words : Eyelash ptosis, Hansen’s disease