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제목 소록도 한센인의 치주질환과 치주치료(case)
저자 오동찬, 유부림, 박기현, 김진동 소속 국립소록도병원
년도 2008 41
1 번호 5
시작페이지 55 끝페이지 69
첨부 5.오동찬외3.pdf
요약 The purposes of this case report(8 case) were to investigate the oral health periodontal conditions (CPITN 1 : 3, CPITN 2 : 182, CPITN 3 : 528) and prevent natural teeth through periodontal treatment(non-surgical periodontal treatment and surgical periodontal treatment) of patients who have Hansen`s disease, which is an infectious periodontitis
Operative method of periodontal treatment are scaling, root planning, gingivectomy, partial flap, full flap.

Key words : CPITN, Flap, Leprosy, Periodontitis and Periodontal treatment.