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제목 한센병 병력환자의 deep wrinkle에 대한 Phenol peeling의 임상적 경험 (제1보)
저자 안성열, 박향준 소속 안성열 성형외과의원, 관동의대 제일병원 피부과
년도 2007 40
2 번호 4
시작페이지 51 끝페이지 60
첨부 안성열 박향준.pdf
요약 The untreated leprosy skin takes on a waxy appearance & feel full. Thickening is most marked over the face, which starts to devolp into folds, hanging down to produce the classical lion-like facies.
The deep folds in disease state change to the numerous compacted shallow wrinkle with less elasticity of the skin. To correct these wrinkles of the patients healed from the leprosy, we tried the stone-VK formula application to the 14 patients, who are men 10 & women 4 in the age distribution of 55~78 years old.
The use of the phenol & croton oil chemical peeling this method is more effective than other chemical & conventional surgical method to remove facial wrinkle.
We need more experience of this peeling. In preliminaxy report, our superior results in removing facial wrinkle is presented.

key words : Phenol peeling, stone-VK formula