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제목 마비성 외반증에서 심부 측두근막을 이용한 spacer graft의 치료효과
저자 안성열, 박향준 소속 안성열성형외과, 제일병원피부과
년도 2007 1
40 번호 2
시작페이지 25 끝페이지 30
첨부 안성열, 박향준.pdf
요약 Background : Spacer graft is known to be a very effective surgical method in the treatment of paralytic ectropion.
Objective : This study was performed to evaluate deep temporal fascia as a spacer instead of Alloderm in spacer graft to correct paralytic ectropion.
Methods : In seven patients with the lower lid ectropion as a sequela of Hansen's disease, a strip of deep temporal fascia, 4.0cm long and 0.5cm wide, was obtained from the scalp. A separation between the tarsal plate and the capsulopalpebral fascia was made and the strip was inserted into the space. Two ends of the strip were fixed to the medial and lateral canthal ligaments respectively like a sling.
Results : In all patients, immediate postoperative improvement was achieved, which was to the same degree in the patients treated with Alloderm previously reported. And no serious complications were observed in both donor and graft sites.
Conclusion : As a spacer in spacer graft, patient's own deep temporal fascia shows good cost-effectiveness ratio and can be an alternative to Alloderm. However, further studies are neccessory to find out the long term efficacy, especially recurrence.

Key words: Spacer graft, Deep temporal fascia, Ectropion