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제목 한센병 신환자 및 재발환자 8예
저자 김종필*, 이미도, 김연실 소속 한국한센복지협회 연구원
년도 2007 1
40 번호 4
시작페이지 51 끝페이지 58
첨부 김종필, 이미도, 김연실.pdf
요약 In 2006, we find 7 new cases and one relapse case, diagnosis by the clinical finding, skin smear, skin biopsy, lepromin test, ELISA for PGL-I antibody, and DNA-PCR. In new cases, the mean age is 59.3, mean BI is 3.3+, mean O.D. of PGL-I antibody is 0.941, numbers of TTC repeat are 13(3 cases), 11(2 case), 12(1 cases), and 31(1 case), and of GACATC repeats are 4(5 Koreans) and 3(2 foreigners). In relapse case, a 45 years-old male patient is revealed that BI is 5+, O.D. of PGL-I antibody is 1.096, numbers of TTC repeat are 12 and GACATC repeats are 4.

Key Word : Leprosy, New case, Relapse