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제목 피부암의 최신지견
저자 박향준 소속 가천의대 피부과
년도 2019 52
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요약 Cutaneous squamous cell carconoma(cSCC) is a malignant neoplasm derived from suprabasal
epidermal keratinocytes, which is one of the nonmelanoma skin cancers that represent the most
common malignancies in humans. Although most of cSCCs are small low-risk cancers easily
treated by minor surgical procedures, some cSCCs continue to grow to be invasive SCC. They can
cause not only significant morbidity and cosmetic deformity but also even metastases and death.
In leprosy, chronic, recurrent ulceration and resultant scars associated with peripheral neuropathy
are one of the main complications, which can give rise to cSCCs.
The primary goal of cSCC treatment is complete tumor eradication with preservation of function
and good cosmesis. However, prior to treatment, the preoperative workup is performed properly
and tumor risk factors influencing on the treatment and prognosis are taken into consideration.

▪ key words: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, Leprosy, Tumor staging, Sentinel lymph node,